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Online Worship

Welcome to our online worship page!  After 18 months of pre-recorded services we are now moving to live streamed services.  This means that you can watch the service live as it happens in our Selby church sanctuary or any time afterwards.

Our live streamed services begin on Sunday at 9:45 am.

October 24th, 2021 – Unity Sunday

Today our two congregations join together for their first service together at Selby United Church.  We’re also enjoying the special music of Neil Richmond.  Join us for this service of celebration!

October 17th, 2021 – Empey Hill Anniversary and Decommissioning Service

Today we gather to celebrate 108 years of ministry at Empey Hill United Church and to decommission the church, releasing it for other uses.  Rev. Phil Wilson, an Elder in the East Central Ontario Regional Council will be our guest preacher.  Today’s service will be recorded and then uploaded for online viewing later in the day.  Check back later today to view the service.

October 10th, 2021 – Thanksgiving Sunday

Is thanksgiving about our feelings or about our doings?  Well, join us Sunday at 9:45 am (or any time afterward) as we think about that important question.

October 3rd, 2021 – Live Streamed Service

It’s Worldwide Communion Sunday and you are invited to join with us for the sacrament of communion by having juice and bread on hand.  Today is our final Sunday in our sermon series called, “Better Together.”

September 26th, 2021 – Live Streamed Service

We’re live at 9:45!  Join us as we welcome seven new members to our church family, we welcome a special musical guest and we’re in week four of our sermon series called, “Better Together.”

September 19th, 2021 – Selby Anniversary Service

Today we’re celebrating 146 years of faith, fun and fellowship at Selby Church.  Today’s service includes the Selby Virtual Choir, a special moment with two of our most elder mebers and the third week in our sermon series called, “Better Together.”

September 12th, 2021 – Live Streamed Service

Today our service will begin at 9:45 am (the live stream will actually start around 9:40).  We look forward to the baptism of little Logan, the special music of Jessica Morris and the second week of our sermon series called, “Better Together.”  Join us live!

September 5th, 2021 – Worship Service

Today is our final pre-recorded service.  Next Sunday our services will be live streamed, and the link for the livestream (which begins at 9:45 will be posted here.  Today’s service includes a special confirmation of six teens, a special musical guest and the start of a new sermon series called, “Better together.”

August 28th, 2021 – Worship Service

Today is the final week of our “Hidden Power” sermon series.  Join us as we seek the Holy Spirit’s renewal.

August 22nd, 2021 – Worship Service

Today we’re continuing in our series called, “Hidden Power,” as we think about the power of the Holy Spirit to bring forth fruit in our lives.

August 15th, 2021 – Worship Service

Today is the third week of our sermon series called, “Hidden Power” and today we’re looking at how the Holy Spirit leads us.

August 8th, 2021 – Worship Service

Today is the second week of our sermone series, “Hidden Power.”  Join us!

August 1st, 2021 – Worship Service

Rev. Mike is back from his summer break!  Today we’re kicking off a brand new sermon series all about the hidden power of the Holy Spirit.



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